When you work with Alpha Tec Designs we put ourselves into your systems, making sure we understand the way you work and want us to work, helping us gain a stronger and more strategic partnership. Whatever your IT or graphics design requirements may be, Alpha Tec Designs will have the (A) answer to your inquiry.
Our Sologon describes what we want to achieve: "Trusted to Deliver Excellence"

About Us

Our team strives to deliver top-drawer services and an interactive, exciting experience to all our clients. Any person who offers a creative service of any kind benefits from a good relationship with his clients by gaining an increase in enthusiasm for the job, which generally leads to better quality design and marketing efforts. For this reason, Alpha Tec Designs places huge emphasis on the client-designer relationship and our team goes out of its way to make sure that our clients are happy every step of the way.

Mission Statement.

To provide quality and affordable business solutions. Also to design and implement custom products matched to the customer's specific needs. Focus to maintain long-term relationship after sales service.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the premier design firm in Kenya and the region at large. To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business.