Laptop / PC Maintenance

Let us "fix" your machine today

Do you have a computer that seems to take forever to boot, or when it hangs, freezes, and otherwise brings frustrating behavior? We at Alpha Tec Designs have solutions for you. There are two major approaches that we can take to assist on this, one by coming to your station or two by working remotely.

Virus removal:

Unknowingly, we click certain websites, links or even open emails which contain viruses, these causes annoyance and nuisance in trying to carry on with normal activities. We can generally get rid of the viruses if there are certain programs which need to be saved and kept, and if a re-installation of the programs is not available.

Data backup:

Documents, files, pictures and videos are all essential to our lives. They hold memories, important work data, emails, proof of purchases, etc. We offer a data backup service either on to DVD, your machine, an external hard drive or pen drive.