“If Everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

Company Culture

After over a decade in the business, our core values have created a distinct and vibrant company lifestyle. We are a growing community in a harmonic work environment and as we continue to grow together, this heritage is here to stay.

High Spirited

We are a fun-loving bunch of young professionals consisting of both fresh graduates and senior team members. To make us a more cohesive team, we participate in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training sessions to align our Verz values and work ethics. Engaging team building activities, monthly company lunches and other exciting bonding activities create a fun and enjoyable environment for all our employees.


Stemming from our core value, Integrity, we mean what we say. Our quotations are comprehensive and detailed because we list all deliverables for our clients’ benefit. Similarly, we uphold our promises to our staff and hold ourselves accountable. When we make a commitment, rest assured we will fulfil it to the best of our abilities.

My Main Skills

I'm a highly skilled and seasoned Project Management Professional(PMP)® with over 8 long years of experience. Extensive and vaunted resume is a testament to my capabilities and technical prowess. Spectacular efficiency, dedication and enthusiasm for sharpening my craft has enabled me to be proficient in all aspects of project and business management.






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